Portrait of Hans Chen

Hans Chen

Assistant Professor

I lead the Climate Dynamics Group at Chalmers. I obtained my PhD in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science from The Pennsylvania State University. My research interests include climate variability, synoptic-scale atmospheric dynamics, Arctic climate change, inverse modeling of carbon dioxide, and data assimilation.

Portrait of Ziqian Zhong

Ziqian Zhong


I am currently dedicated to research in the field of global carbon and water cycles, with a particular interest in studying the response of vegetation to climate change. Furthermore, I have also explored the topic of asymmetric warming on land surfaces.

Portrait of Erik Holmgren

Erik Holmgren

PhD student

I’m a PhD student working on atmospheric moisture transport at high latitudes and what role it plays in the arctic and subarctic climate system.

Former members

Chieh-Ying Ke (visiting Postdoc from National Central University, Taiwan, 2023)